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June 18, 2008

treasure of ogre

It's quiet times on the new games front but luckily Minoto is always there with his weekly point and click diversion: treasure of ogre.


Anonymous said...

This one was quite different from the others. Lots of things left to do when you reach the first two endings. It's a good thing that Minoto never does quite the same thing in each new game.

Anonymous said...

Break the leash from dog, click on big rock (it breaks), click on dish, take food out of bowl, take the knife, take one match from girl, use the knife on tall trees, use the rope and tie bird (it will float up)click on bird, put food in dog's dish, click on mask, baby bird comes out, take bottle from her, click on dog, makes a puddle, that's all for now.

Jith said...

I got to some treasure pretty quickly. Was that the end or is there more?

Anonymous said...

i found two

Anonymous said...

For another ending: Get food from dog dish, rope, match and razor. Use razor to cut bamboo and grass, and chop down tree stump. Smash the rock to get the stone. Use the stone to hone the razor (not sure what the benefit of this is).

Tie rope to bird, click bird to raise cave entrance. Put dog food in bowl next to cave, click on it, and take bottle from ogre who comes out of the cage.

Click on the dog to make a puddle. Use bottle on cow to collect milk. Use grass on cow to get tree stump.

Give bamboo to panda, and tree stump to monkey. Click on monkey to throw stump and immediately click on panda to smash stump.

Get stick and give to ogre in cloud. Click on ogre in cloud and he will light the fire. Use fire to light match (an interesting reversal).

Use lighted match to ignite tar pit created by dog. Tar pit will create a cloud.

Enter cave and take right tunnel. Alternate (non-treasure) ending.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot in previous post, you have to give the milk to the boy outside the cave so he will grow up and kick the blue ogre into the sky so you can get into the cave entrance.

Anonymous said...

Click on the cloud then have boy throw ogre, then take right tunnel to see ogre standing on cloud. I don't get the point, but you can do it.

Anonymous said...

I got one ending with treasure, and one ending with both "angels" and a sunset :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing is: if you go in the left tunnel you get the tresure.. But if you go in the right tunel you dont.. : )

Anonymous said...

The razor won't cut the wood stump until you use the stone to sharpen it.


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