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October 20, 2007

covert front episode 2: station on the horizon

Covert front episode 2: station on the horizon is a new episode in the secret agent themed point and click series, created by Mathias Skutnik.


Anonymous said...

nice but too easy

Anonymous said...

funny funny~~

Anonymous said...

it was too easy.they have to do better next time,but it was fun

Anonymous said...

i like it because it's easy and i don't like it because it's hate...

Anonymous said...

Here's the complete walkthrough for covert front 2, station on the horizon:

- light a match (and repeat to light when needed)
- 5 times forward until you reach a wall
- push the 3 bricks into the wall
- go left and flip the swith to turn the lights on, no more matches needed!
- take the resistor on top of the switch
- go back twice, take the corridor on the left, left again, and forward twice
- flip the handle
- go back twice, click the rock to roll it over
- go back, right, forward, take another resistor between the gas holders
- go back 5 times, click the rock to roll it over
- go back, click both rocks to roll them over
- go back, click the rock to roll it over
- go forward twice, go in the circular entrance
- go forward twice, go left, go forward twice, take the fuse
- go back tree times, go forward twice, take the movie reel
- go right, look good at the doors for later!
- go back 3 times, go right, read the helium note
- go forward, read the note
- go forward twice, look at the map on the table, read the pinned note
- enter left most door, take the screwdriver from the toolbox
- click the fusebox above the toolbox and use screwdriver to unscrew the lid
- put the 2 resistors and the fuse in the fusebox
- go back to the room with the map and enter the top right room, take the piece of red wire
- go back to the fusebox, put the piece of red wire in place and pull the fuse handle
- go back to the room with the map, enter the right most door, take the cable, read the 3 notes on the bed
- go back to the room with the map, enter the top left room, click the little square panel on the table, use the screwdriver to unscrew
- insert the cable and send the message, click the button next to the blinking lamp
- read the note that comes out and note the password
- go back to the room with the map, enter the door straight ahead
- click the panel on the side of the right hand room
- enter the buttons to figure out what numbers they are, then click clear button and enter the password, click the clear button and the metal door will open
- enter the metal door, take another movie reel
- go back, go left, take another movie reel
- replay all 3 reels in the machine on the right, note the angles/positions of the wheels for the wall
- go back, turn the wheels on the wall to the positions as shown in the movie reel, the lift door opens
- go back 5 times, go forward 2 times, turn right, enter the lift, enter the button on the right
- give all the items to the person in the car, get the card, read it, the end of this episode!

Physics Games said...

wow.. great graphics on this one

Anonymous said...



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