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January 30, 2014

candy's crushes saga

Meet Candy and all of her crushes in Pierrec's Candy's Crushes Saga, a puzzlescript puzzler created for the Candy Jam.


Anonymous said...

Can't get it to work unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the second level of "The Wilderness".

Emily said...

I hate how it only tells you before the level what level you're on. I know I made it relatively far though, I'm on the first level with the tan, orange-shirted boys, and I'm stuck. Fun game up to this point.

Carol said...

First! Never got to say that before!

tam said...

...and I managed to get The One!!! yeah!!! no, not in real life, but who cares...... :P

very nice game

Jade said...

Good game.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I really liked this game.
It tells a GRIPPING tale of the dating life of a very slutty girl.

Jana said...

Stopped playing at "the bitch" - because hey, "bitch" is obviously a total appropriate term to call a girl just because your boyfriend leaves you for her, right?! This kind of stuff is really problematic, jfc.

Anonymous said...

I make it up to the "FUN".. and I'm stuck!
How to get past "FUN"? Anyone help please!


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