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November 16, 2010


Evil robots stole Gilbert's light bulbs, but he needs them for his lighthouse: Gil, a platformer by Tyler Rigsby and Alex Miller.


Anonymous said...

This game is no good.

palat said...

Well I love it, nice one :-)

Megan said...

stuck already: i can't jump over the water in the first level with the rockets - what's the trick?

Megan said...

hah! never mind - you can jump it, you just have to jump off at the very last second

Anonymous said...

cute, but a little frustrating.

Anonymous said...

This game is horrid. Way to hard to play and enjoy. Fail!

Anonymous said...

I liked it. Cute lighthouse keeper. Hard tho.

Anonymous said...

Toooo haaaard!!!!!
Waaah! :'(
I can never get past the first level of the desert!

Paperback Writer said...

A really nice platformer. I like it very much.

But Bart, why do you changed the link? I was shocked when I saw my progress was gone... :D

I only need to finish the last two levels. I even found the toast :)

Bart said...

@Paperback Writer: sorry about that, here's the old link:


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love this game! And I finally beat it too! xD Took me sooo many tries, but I did it~


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