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June 12, 2010

ragdoll canon 3

Fire the ragdolls onto the target to proceed to the next level , it's time for ragdoll canon 3.


Me/You said...

First... Not so simple, but gut game!

Anonymous said...

good game

Mantaraya said...

Well, that was fun. I have a score of 91 so far, and completed all achievements. Didn't take too long.

Zenrage said...

damn 39 is a hard level. No wonder you get an achievement for completing it.

Mantaraya said...

Thought I was going to quit this game once I completed all the achievements...nope! :-)

Whittled my score down to 69. Not sure where I can shave any more off.

I have 1 shot all all levels except these:

2 shots levels 7,9,12,14,18,22,24,25,27,37,40,42,43,44,45,48,49

3 shots level 23


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