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November 03, 2019

geometric room escape [browser]

Can you solve all the puzzles to get out in the new escape the room game Geometric Room Escape by Masa's Games?


  1. My experience suggests the solution to this is to have your morning coffee.

    I tried it first thing, and could make no headway, everything just seemed incredibly complicated. Got one safe opened by brute-force, but it didn't help at all.

    Then, came back to it later in the day, and everything just clicked, it all came together and I was out!

  2. Hey

    Nice game.
    Like the way they used math and science.
    Its something difference

    Ps, was the mCAPTCHA down this morning?

  3. Agree. First trip around the room, I thought, "Jeez...I have an engineering degree! This can't be THAT hard!!" ;)

    Clue: First progress is made with simple observation, and no great leap of logic.

    Ended up rather enjoying it....

  4. Easy to go, out in about ten minutes. Hints are obvious when you think out of the box ;)
    Thank you Bart for sharing!

  5. Excellent game !
    Looks difficult when in fact all the riddles are quite logical and not so hard to guess...

  6. Just a little addition : the riddle with the green and pink ribbon is very simple - much more than the way it is presented in a triangle can make you think...

  7. There is no way I will ever be able to trace that star by hand!
    Is that really required?
    Because I never got stuck on a mini game doing an escape game before.
    I will be back...

  8. Don't worry; you aren't meant to trace the star by hand. It's impossible unless you use an object you don't have yet.

    Also, the sliding block puzzle is unsolvable without using an object on it too. I spent far too long on that before realizing that it was in an unwinnable position!

  9. @anonymous 14:16

    As Nathan told you, the drawing can be done easily with the right tool.
    You need first to solve the "usb key" puzzle - and make sure you've finished it completely..

  10. It seems relatively easy, but how do you use items?

  11. I think it is a good idea, I have thought of it but not as detailed as you.